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Bark River Knives for a Great Hunting Adventure

One indispensable tool that every hunter must carry is a special knife that will meet all requirements unless he ends up carting a bunch of them to meet some incidental requirements. And this is true especially when one hunts in a fairly isolated areas.

For some, they require a four-to-five-inch rigid blade with a drop or clip point, a knife that is light weight and versatile, a knife that can do it all, from gutting the downed animal, to skinning and quartering. They need a knife that does not need to be sharpened very often, and its edges can be easily and quickly restored if it does need sharpening. Surprisingly, not many knives can meet these minimal requirements.

Also, to produce a top performing knife, it requires the right combination of the finest grade of materials that are laser cut, and a skilled craftsmen to select wood grain for its handle and to temper them to maximize stress relief, efficient and time tested manufacturing methods and one who possesses a strong knowledge of the industry that it serves. All these standards come from field experience.
The Essential Laws of Tools Explained

As far as I am concerned, there is a hunting knife which has served me well. Its overall length is eight inches and point twenty five centimeters long. The length of the blade is four inches and it uses CPM3V blade steel while its steel thickness is a point hundred and seventy inches. The total weight is five point eight ounces and its hardness is fifty nine-sixty RC.
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It can also be used as a camping knife for kitchen duties and it good for cutting meat and vegetables. Other uses of this knife is for cutting wooden sticks to start a fire and for other general uses.

When you have succeeded in dulling its blade which would take you some time to do, a few swipes on a sharpener easily restores its razor edge.

And although these knifes do not fold, it came with safe leather sheathes which are of very high quality because it is manufactured by the best sheath systems manufacturers. The sheath is incredibly sturdy and there is no question it will withstand years of hard use.

As a note, some leather sheaths have belt loops that are too small to fit heavy duty belts. You cannot find a d-ring in the loop of a sheath sold in the market which is helpful to attach to a carabiner or secured to a belt clip. To make the systems secure, safe, and handy, you need to add this to every knife sheath.

So when you shop for your first survival/hunting knife, make sure to take a look at this magnificent product.