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Excited watching American Football with a gift fantasy football award together with family

Who said American Football sports have no fans in the country. The show watched together the American Football League final (NFL) who has Fight over trophies from fantasy football trophies or the familiar called Super Bowl was filled with fans of super-hard sports.

On Monday, February 2, 2015, from 05.30 am, the US cultural center (USA) @america which is a place to watch together, is full of NFL fans. Tucked away by pop corn, donuts and warm drinks like coffee and tea, before the 49th edition of the Super Bowl begins the fans are buzzing with the talk of the top game that brings New England Patriots against Seattle Seahawks.


Throughout the game, the NFL fans who mostly wore the pride of the two teams carefully paid attention to the match. While occasionally shouting excited when his team managed to score a number or vocal when his team idol team make mistakes.

Seeing the festivity, US Embassy spokesman John Johnson admitted happy and amazed by the festivity. This is because he did not expect this euphoria to be found far from his homeland.

Not only that, when asked what his expectations related to this match, firmly, Johnson said he wants his idol team Seattle Seahawks won the game. Although in reality at the end of the game the Seahawks lost 24-28 over the Patriots

“I was born and raised in Seattle, I have no choice. My favorite team is Sea Hawks, I want them to win and so far they are pretty good,” Johnson said at @america.

Expectations of local NFL Fans

This super bowl event can not be denied to be a gathering place for fans of American Football. A sports fan, he stated that because of the super Bowl, he learned that there are many similar sports fans in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

On the same occasion, he also tells why he can like American Football. In addition to ever working in Uncle Sam’s Country, he said the thing that makes him fall in love with this is because American Football is similar to chess. Therefore, he hopes American can get fantasy football trophy could one day be aired on local television.

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The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.

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