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Effective Ways of Fending Off Burglars from Your Home

Rarely does a day go by without news of a burglary in country. With the increased rates of crime, burglars now pose a threat no matter the neighborhood you live in. While some are armed, others are cons who use witty methods to gain access to your home and loot your dearest property. No matter the technique a burglar uses, it is simple to fend them off using the following simple yet effective methods.

Don’t hide your key under the door mat or stones on the sides of your door or pavement when you are leaving the house. An intruder could be watching your move and use that chance to open your home and get away with valuables. Instead, you can make duplicate keys for everyone in the home. If you are prone to losing keys, install a lock that has a keypad and you won’t worry about moving around with keys anymore.

Voice mails have also been attributed as one of the causes break-ins in many residential homes. Do not leave specific voicemail messages such as ‘I’ve gone on a vacation for a month’ or ‘I will be back in a week’. Anybody could be on the other end of the line and they could use this opportunity to break in to your home. You should only leave general messages such as ‘I’ll get back to you as soon as possible’.
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In the modern day and age, people tend to share every aspect of their lives on social media. It is common to see people uploading pictures showing their location every hour. On top of that they post images of their possessions and riches. On these posts, there are normally traces to show where you live. This includes the home address, nearest landmark, or the street. Without knowing, you will be making yourself a target of crime and even worse, the burglars will know exactly what they want to steal.
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With technology life has become simpler than we could have imagined years ago. People living in areas that are secluded can easily install a security system that will monitor any attempts to enter the property. Modern surveillance systems are capable of informing you of any burglary attempt or break-in through your smartphone and even send a live footage. Not only do the systems create awareness, they also give you an opportunity to inform the relevant authorities quick enough as well as gather video and picture evidence against the burglars.