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How have people managed to make a living from gaming?

The Creators

There are lots of different jobs that play a part in creating a game and these are usually pretty intensive. They require long hours, a real passion for what you’re doing and a team layer mentality. It’s never just one person designing a game and everyone else doing what they say. It’s a collaborative process filled with compromises, discussions and revisions. There probably isn’t a single game out there that would match the initial design.

It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to get into these job roles and it takes some extensive experience. In most of the departments you’ll find that people have either studied hard to get where they are or they’ve been learning it all on their own from a young age. There are a lot of game designers that got started as soon as they get their hands on the software and at ages as young as 12 and 13. So, the earlier you start getting familiar with the industry and learning the better your chances will be at getting the job. Whether or not this is a job that you could make a living off of depends on where you working. In some of the big game developing companies you could be looking at six figure salaries. However, in the start-up companies there have been instances where people couldn’t get paid and where sleeping in the office. Still, if this is an industry that you want to break into then you have to prepare for struggle and sometimes passion is the only thing that will see you through.

The Testers

Many gamers have at one point in their life considered what it would be like to be a beta tester. We think that it involves playing the best and brand new games all day and having the time of our lives. Truth be told, game testing isn’t quite as fun as twelve year old kids imagine it to be. Sure, you get to play games, but these games are nothing like the games that end up being released. A lot of the time their broken, half rendered pieces of digital chaos. Of course, that’s what testers are for. They have to play the game and analyse what’s wrong with it. Oh, but it gets worse than that. They have to play the same levels over and over and over and over again to look for any faults. Yes, even the most impossible, frustrating levels that we all hate. Imagine playing through the water temple in Ocarina of Time ten times in a row in one day with no cheats and most of it is broken. Not so fun now, is it? Still there could be worse jobs. Could you make a living being a game tester? Technically yes, but it wouldn’t be a comfortable living. To get a job like this is also pretty difficult because so many people are eager to try out new games. You either make friends with someone in the industry or you camp out in front of the company headquarters until they give you the job. The best piece of advice would be that, although this job will give you valuable insight into the nitty-grittiness of the gaming industry, this isn’t the best way to make a living.


The media

While most of us were dreaming about being a game tester, the smarter kids were learning journalism. All the things that we wished a game testing job would be are actually what a game critic/journalist does with the addition of all sorts of benefits. It’s still a lot of hard work and most journalists had to fight to get to where they are, but it’s all worth it to play the brand new games and review them as well as get media passes to all of the best game and tech events. Of course, that’s only part of the job. You do actually have to bring some intelligent insight to the game and play games that you might not be excited about. You also have to write about and analyse the game as well as include some opinions that not everyone would agree with. But, it’s not just the gaming industry where you can get a job like this. The gambling industry is also a place where you can make money from playing and reviewing games. One sites like Best Deal Casino you can read user casino reviews that sum up absolutely everything about the sites and it takes a lot of work to find out all of that information.






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