I Have Been Using Quickbooks for Many Years

Accounting sure got a lot easier when the personal computer sales drove the development of software that people could use at home. I have been using accounting software on the computer all the way back to when I was using a program for our checkbook written by a programmer who was giving it away fro free. When Quickbooks came out, I started using it. I still have the first edition of it I bought on floppy disks. There have only been a few occasions where I had to call the Quickbooks support phone number for Quickbooks customer service as the software is so reliable and easy to use.

I use Quickbooks Pro for our business. I can do everything from accounts receivable to payroll with it. I like how easy tax time is regardless of whether it is payroll tax, paying our sales tax or paying federal, state and local taxes. The graphs and charts make it easy to see our financial picture at any given time. The app I can use on a phone or tablet makes sending invoices or taking payments very easy. Quickbooks is more like a suite of options to use for your home or business financial accounting needs. I can look at any year to make projections for our business, and I can track any transaction going back as far as I have records. No digging through receipts or paper files either. I just search my Quickbooks records.

The learning curve for new users should be pretty easy. You can set up your financial record keeping as casual or as in-depth as you like. I like keeping a lot of notes and details for future reference if I need it, and it is still easy to enter all the data I like to keep track of.