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Some Background about Password Managers

New words or vocabularies, new lifestyles, and new businesses are the impacts and products made because of the internet. We never imagine that additional words, activities and meanings would be developed because of the internet. For us to be a part of the computer world, or even the least to be called computer literate, we have to know and learn some new terms or systems. Let us take here for an example one system or computer tool called a password manager. A password manager is a tool that makes you store your login information through an encrypted format, and can be retrieved when needed. There are hackers who would try to access your private information, and so to prevent them from getting hold of this information, you would need a master password as your key to get into your information or data. All what is needed is you remember your master password and the password manager in your computer will remember for you the rest of your passwords.

Actually, most of the online users do not know that this tool exists. Actually, those who have used it can say that once you start using it, you would not like to go back to how you put in your user name then password. This tool had simplified the life of those using computers often that they wished it could have been learned earlier.

There are some features to learn of your password.

There are encryption algorithm that a password manager should use to store your login information. Examples of these encryption algorithms are data encryption standard, blowfish, advanced encryption standard, rijndael, and others.Both your password and user name should be encrypted and this is how your password manager should be storing them. Filing your user name and password in clear text file will enable hackers to copy these information. Securing your user name and password will make your information look like garbled characters that will be unreadable by the hackers, unless they have your master password.

By clicking your mouse, you can save and retrieve your password and user name. Know that password managers are shown as a tool bar on your browser so that it will be easy for you to locate it in your programs folder. When visiting a site, you just select an entry from your toolbar and the password manager should log you in automatically. Use password manager that will avoid dragging and dropping user name to the page since this password manager would be intelligent enough to go to the page you want without making you work hard for it. There is a better password manager that will do the work for you which can automatically drag and drop action for you.

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