Vacation Ideas in San Diego California

San Diego California offers tons of options for travelers. It boasts the attractions, amusement parks, restaurants, hiking spots, green spaces, clubs, bars, family-friendly destinations, and many more. If you are planning for your weekend getaways, San Diego California is definitely on your list. We’ve compiled the best list of fun things to do in San Diego with your family.

USS Midway Museum

Both you and your family can enjoy aspiring the legendary USS Midway aircraft carrier at USS Midway Museum. It is a day tour in which you can explore around five dozen of exhibits which showcase the documentation of the aircraft carrier history and its roles in various wars. The historians recorded the data accurately so that you won’t be missing the essential parts of the past.

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

What do you think about getting the freshest fish in the Pacific Beach? It has opened for almost a decade and always flocked by travelers. Guys vacations or special events like bachelor parties commonly get San Diego strippers to come on their fishing trips with them. The boat captains love these events and are always accommodating. Both locals and visitors gather the place to get the freshest fish for their menu. But if you are not up to cook by yourself, you could visit its family-friendly restaurants. The homey ambiance of the restaurant will make you and your family want to spend more time to lay back.

Balboa Park Botanical Building

It is a distinctive conservatory in Balboa Park. The building is famous because it is built as a greenhouse with no glass at all. The Botanical Building hosts 2,100 permanent plants, including orchids, palms, and many more. It is an excellent destination for a family with kids.

Torrey Pines State Reserve

The 2000 acres of state natural reserve is one of the most fantastic destinations in San Diego. It offers the full of the beautiful area which consists of the rugged landscape. With secluded beaches and protected tidal zones, it is a great escape for you and your companions. Birdwatching is the core of the exciting part since you can watch migrating seabirds there. It also has beautiful trails.

 San Diego Zoo

How about tagging along with your family to the zoo?

The zoo is located in Balboa Park and has quite a different concept with the commoners. It is open-air, and cageless zoo which presents the natural environment of the wild. The zoo hosts over 3,700 animals. There are tons of experiences that you and your family can try there.

Bite San Diego

Visiting San Diego won’t be complete without tasting its food. The food tour with Bite San Diego will give you and your companions enjoyable experience in the culinary food world. You will visit a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, as well as markets to learn more about San Diego passion for food. If you are with your kids, don’t miss the opportunity to go to the Baked Bear. The place offers delicious gourmet ice cream sandwiches which are a prevalent menu for both kids and adults.

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